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Nigeria Is Very Quick to Embrace Its Own…Only After Global Recognition & Fame

Why are Nigerians talking about Anthony Joshua a.k.a AJ all of a sudden? Why are they just realizing now that he is a “Nigerian Prince”? Everyone, from prominent men of God, to government officials, is falling over themselves to get his attention or attach themselves to him.
The Ogun State government is reportedly even set to name the Sagamu International stadium and a street after him. Where were all these people when he was denied the chance to represent Nigeria? Where were they when he was keen to represent the country at the 2008 Olympics?
He is crowned heavyweight champion of the world and now a worldwide sensation, so he is now Nigeria’s most celebrated sports hero. Had Nigeria not blessed him with their unique food, specifically Eba and Egusi, he would not have made it…yes?
This is not to play down AJ’s awesome victory or say that he does not deserve all the attention and acclaim he is getting from around the world, or even just Nigeria. He certainly deserves all…

Uju Stevens: Looks Can Be Deceptive

By default, we humans judge by sight. We condemn people to the gallows in the courtrooms of our minds just by looking at them. Some people go as far as undressing other people in their minds with just their eyes. If only the eyes could talk, you would be amazed at the volumes it will publish.
Many people have lost their jobs, contracts, and even once in a lifetime opportunities because they were not pleasant to the eyes of the benefactor.