26-year-old man man brags about his 57-year-old 'girlfriend' on Facebook (photos)

A 26-year-old man in Kenya has gotten everyone by surprise, as he took to his Facebook wall to show off his 57-year-old lover.
26 year old man man brags about his 57-year-old 'girlfriend' on Facebook (photos)
26 year old Kenneth Gurvey
The young man who was identified as, Kenneth Gurvey, decided not to hide his feelings as he posted a picture of them at a night club smocking saying: “LOVE IS BLIND She is only 57 and am 26 but
nothing can ever do us apart not even the Supreme Court. Call it the love for mature bebs. I love you miss. I can never let you go even at a gun point. To me you are a teen. What a blessing. Penda wewe bby….Ben 10 my foot!!”
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It is well o!

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