4 ways Nigerian husbands apologise

It's no news that Nigerian men have issues with saying, 'I am sorry'. Even when they become husbands who love their wives, it could be difficult for them to admit defeat and even harder for them to say the word, 'sorry'.
You know how it goes. You and your husband will argue and you will just vex and wonder why you are even married to him.
So you're sitting there in a room with your face like this:

Which kind husband wey I marry?
Then he will return home and immediately, your defenses will go up like this:
Eh-hen! You came back for more, abi?
The man will know something is wrong and if he wants to apologise, he may look for other creative ways to reconcile with you without actually saying sorry. Here are four of the best ways:
1. He will ask you what the matter is (knowing well what he did)
My dear, any problem?
This is the most frustrating way. He will come in and pretend like he doesn't remember what he did to you and ask you why you are twisting your face. If you even try to remind him, he will do like his memory has been erased and act like all is well.
2. He will shed crocodile tears
Hoo! Why me, why me?
Crocodile tears are basically tears that are not sincere. Your husband may see you are upset and if he tries to talk to you and you do not agree, he play the sympathy card and act very hurt and upset over the whole thing.
He will act sober so much that you will even forget why you were angry and forgive him.
3. He will crack jokes
You must laugh with me today
This is when he resorts to jokes to make you laugh and smile with him. You might be twisting your face but when he is down teasing you or cracking jokes, you would have laughed away your anger at him.
4. He will buy something for you
I have something for you - o.
This is one of the best ways. He will come back with something he knows you love from food to gift items. Your anger might just fade away like magic when you realize he is annoying but hey, he makes up for it with your favourite things.
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