BN Celebrity Weddings: Love Since 17! Tolu Ogunmefun “Don’t Jealous Me” and Yemi were Clearly Made for Each Other! See their Amazing Wedding

Popular UK-based Nigerian comedian Tolu Ogunmefun AKA “Don’t Jealous Me” and Yemi met when they were 17 at college, in 2007.
Their schools were opposite each other. They first met in the canteen, and she was eating chips and beans.

Tolu sat next to her and in true comedic style, his first line was “Is your hair weave?” … for the record, it was her real hair 🙂
They got married in late 2016 in a beautiful ceremony, captured by Samuel Falusi Photography.
Three months later, BellaNaija Weddings is elated to present their wedding. You have to watch their videos! Their chemistry, love, is so evident, it’s clear they were made for each other.
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