Britain rejects calls to cancel Donald Trump’s state visit over his Muslim travel ban even after petition nears a million signatures

No.10 has rejected calls to cancel the state visit of U.S president Donald Trump due to his Muslim ban, even after an oline petition asking Britain to cancel his visit reached almost a million signatures.

Trump over the weekend signed into effect a controversial law stating that citizens of 7 countries including Iraq , Iran, Libya and Sudan be temporarily banned from entering the U.S for the next three months leading to criticism and reactions all over the world.

 A petition saying his visit would “cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen” if he were to be welcomed in the U.K. has gotten to almost a million signatures in 24 hours, and could now be debated by MPs in Parliament.

But a spokesman of No.10 on Monday said the position had not changed, saying: “An invitation has been extended and accepted.”

The BBC also reported that Britain's rejection of Trump's visit  would be a “populist gesture”, adding that  the invitation had been accepted – and scrapping it would “undo everything”.

 “America is a huge important ally. We have to think long term.”

Donald Trump's team told the U.K's Foreign Secretary that Brits who have shared nationality with the named countries covered by the restrictions -  Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen - would not be stopped from entering America but that they will face extra checks if they are traveling directly from one of the banned countries.

Labour MP, Jeremy Corbyn angry with Trump's new law, said U.K. Prime Minister TheresaMay should speak up against the ban and cancel the invitation or she would be be "failing the British people" if she doesn't .

Speaking to ITV's Peston On Sunday, Jeremy said: "Is it really right to endorse somebody who has used this awful misogynistic language throughout the election campaign, awful attacks on Muslims, and then of course this absurd idea of building a wall between themselves and their nearest neighbour?"

He added: "I think we should make it very clear we are extremely upset about it, and I think it would be totally wrong for him to be coming here while that situation is going on. I think he has to be challenged on this.
"I am not happy with him coming here until that ban is lifted, quite honestly.
"Look at what's happening with those countries, how many more is it going to be and what is going to be the long term effect of this on the rest of the world?"
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