“Indomie has really changed our lives”- Belle Full Comedy Challenge winners

If you remember the Belle Full 1.0 & 2.0 comedy challenges which took place in April and July 2016, you'll also remember the winners - MC Reality and Ben Cash.
Indomie challenge
Their hilarious skits about Indomie Belle Full had the highest likes and shares on social media which won them each a year’s supply of Indomie noodles. MC Reality won N1,000,000 cash Ben Cash went home with a Nokia Lumia S 30 phone.youtu.com

Talking about their experiences, MC Reality and Ben Cash had a lot to say about winning the Belle Full 1.0 & 2.0 comedy challenge.
Q: Can you describe Indomie Belle Full in one word?
MC Reality: (Smiles) Classic.
Ben Cash: True hunger buster.
Q: Which of the challenges did you win/position?
MC Reality: I took first position in the Belle Full 1.0 challenge
Ben Cash: I came first in the Belle Full 2.0 comedy challenge
Q: Is Indomie Belle Full still one of your best foods and does it still 'belle-full' you?
MC Reality: I have always loved eating Indomie Belle Full before I did the comedy skit and nothing can change that.
Ben Cash: Yes it is o!
Q: Was it challenging shooting those comedy skits?
MC Comedy: Yesso! and it our first time. We've never tried making a video before but thankfully it was worth it. We even shot the video for three days.
Ben Cash: Honestly, I never wanted to shoot the video but my friends forced me to do it. (laughs)
Q: Our theme for Indomie Belle Full 3.0 Comedy Challenge is “A Belle Full Love Experience”, what are your expectations?
MC Reality: Um...definitely more creativity. I think better than the entries from the previous challenges.
Ben Cash: I’m expecting better concepts and creativity.
Q: How has life been after winning Belle Full challenge?
MC Reality: (laughs) Indomie has really changed my life with the prize money. My confidence as an entertainer has really grown and I'm getting recognition from more people.
Ben Cash: All I can say is Indomie has changed my life positively.
Q: What did you do after winning the prize money and gifts?
MC Reality: I paid my tithe first, then I shared 80% of the Indomie gifts I won.
Ben Cash: I donated some packs to an orphanage home and shared the rest to those close to me.
Q: Do you want to say anything to others preparing for Indomie Belle Full 3.0 Comedy Challenge?
MC Reality: Um...They should work hard and pray hard. I'm really grateful to Indomie for this Belle Full competition.
Ben Cash: I’ll say they should find creativity in what they do and also pray for God’s grace.
Looking forward to showcasing your funny side in the Belle Full 3.0 Comedy Challenge? Follow @indomieinstantnoodles on Facebook for instructions on how to participate.
Enjoy a sneak peek of “A Belle Full Love Experience”
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