Man reportedly loses N4m in MMM, claims it has destroyed his family

Following the supposed crash of the MMM Ponzi scheme, a family have lamented the losses the scheme has brought upon his family.
Man reportedly loses N4m in MMM, claims it has destroyed his family
According to a man identified as Osakpamwan Amieomwanghi, the sudden crash of the Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM) Ponzi scheme, has brought his family nothing but sadness and pain.

Amieomwanghi said the peace and love that once dwelled in his family evaporated after they (him and his two sons) lost the N4m they had 'invested' in the scheme.
59-year-old Amieomwanghi who lives at the Evbuotubu community in the Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, said he had pledged N2million into six different accounts in November 2016, but is yet to receive his money back.
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According to him, he had heard about the scheme in September, and had initially refused to join in, but he was forced to change his mind after one of his close friends received a profit of N1.4million after investing N4million in one month.
He claims he decided to put his money because he had planned to expand his provisions business and to have a grand Christmas celebration with his family. Unfortunately for him, MMM 'took a break' in 
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According to Mr. Amieomwanghi, he used to have a flourishing business in a popular market in Benin City and was the envy of his friends till he put his entire capital into MMM.
He also narrated how he persuaded two of his sons to invest N1m each in the scheme, which they did just two weeks before MMM crashed.
Amieomwanghi said:
Three of the account owners that I paid to were calling me, as if the scheme was about to crash. I was running around because the system gave me 48 hours to make all the payments. At a particular point, l wanted to pull out and let them block me from participating in the scheme, but l didn’t listen to myself. I was carried away with the N700, 000 gain that l was supposed to have made within one month.
Man reportedly loses N4m in MMM, claims it has destroyed his family
It is painful because that was virtually all the money – capital and profit – that l had. Watching it going down the drain has been giving me sleepless nights. I have become a prayer warrior for the scheme not to crash, as many had forecast. Waiting for January 14 was like waiting forever. I can’t remember how many nights I couldn’t sleep because of the money. I am not a better and l hate betting, but l can’t explain how l fell into this.
l wanted to risk it only once and stop. I am praying that it bounces back, and once l get my money, l am off. I am begging my children to forgive me and to understand that my intention was to make them financially better. If I had suspected that the operators would suspend people’s accounts that soon, l wouldn’t have put one naira into it let alone asking my children to do same.
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Mrs. Amienomwanghi who has been married to her husband for 32 years, intervened in the discord that was threatening to rip her family apart by begging her sons to be patient and also offering prayers and hoping that MMM will return. She also blamed them for not telling her before putting money into a Ponzi scheme.
She said:
My home is in trouble at the moment. If the online scheme fails to return, as it promised it is only God that can save me. My sons had never been rude to their father until MMM came into our home. For over a week, the boys were not in good terms with their father. They were so bitter and every member of the family saw it. Four million naira in this recession is not a joke. Since December, feeding has been a problem for us.
One of my husband’s friends told me that my husband said he might simply run away to the village if MMM finally crashes. That is why I am so afraid and confused about the whole thing. My home has been so peaceful but that is now history. MMM has turned my children against their father.
Since the resumption of MMM on January 13, participants have been waiting with bated breath for the scheme to stabilize, as they are hoping they can somehow get their money back.
The scheme has however resumed the Get Help and Pay Help options which were previously removed, after releasing new guidelines for the Ponzi scheme, bringing with it some form of relief for some participants.
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