Meet Nigerians soldier whose height is intimidating (photos)

Tallest Nigerian soldier
Is this the tallest Nigerian soldier?

The question on the lips of many Nigerians is “is he the tallest Nigerian soldier?”
In one of the photos, shared on Instagram handle Deeekay_is_my_name, President Muhammadu Buhari had to raise his head to have a good look at his face.

Tallest Nigerian soldier
In the photos, he is also the tallest among his colleagues.
Tallest Nigerian soldier
Tallest Nigerian soldier
Tallest Nigerian soldier
Tallest Nigerian soldier
This soldier's height is intimidating
However, Deeekay_is_my_name Instagram handle is no longer available.
Recall that on Tuesday, January 3, the Nigerian Army warned its officers and soldiers on duty to desist from posting pictures and videos of their operation on the social media.
Could he really be the tallest Nigerian soldier?
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