Yemi Alade and Trey Songz Secretly in Love?? Check Out These Photos

Yemi Alade and Trey Songz: Yemi Alade was awarded the best female at the 2015 MTV African Music Awards and currently has two albums under her belt: King of Queens (2014) and Mama Africa (2016). Recently Yemi has been seen chilling and being friendly with American singer, Trey Songz. The pair have been seen on several occasions enjoying each other’s company and supporting each other.
Now, it’s easy to brush it off as they are friends but we can’t help but wonder what if it is more? What if Yemi and Trey are dating right under our noses and we are blinded by how cute they are to notice. Lets analyse it as we go through four reasons these two could be secretly dating:
1. He loves her music

Yemi Alade posted a photo on her Instagram of Trey Songz receiving her signed Mama Africa album. He apparently asked for a signed copy and that is a big sign of support.If they are dating, it shows he loves her music and is willing to support and promote her.
2. They make sweet music together
Here, Yemi and Trey Songz were pictured in a studio in Kenya having a recording session. Musicians who date record together at one point and end up making a catchy and wonderful love song that is secretly about them.
3. He wears her jewelry
Yemi Alade posted a photo of she and Trey, revealing that he is wearing a kingpin necklace from her jewelry collection. When a man loves you, he will support your dreams and here he is supporting her fashion line. Isn’t love beautiful?
4. He is willing to try her native food
Trey Songz and Yemi Alade were seen eating Nigerian jollof rice at a picnic. Though others were present, the two chatted away like a happy couple. If he is to be with her, he will need to try her cooking and native foods so this is a big kudos to him for making the effort. We really hope they prove us right by confirming they are dating. Fans would hate that Trey is off the market but we would love that Yemi stole his heart.
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