'Chief strategist Stephen Bannon said Islam isn't a religion of peace, President Trump doesn't share his views'- White House says

The White House has revealed that it's Chief strategist, Stephen Bannon's view that Islam isn't a religion of peace but a religion of submission isn't shared by the U.S President Donald Trump.
CNN's K file, this week reported a 2010 interview of Stephen Bannon criticizing former U.S President George W. Bush for saying Islam was a religion of peace
"Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of submission. Islam means submission." but the White House has now come out to state that Trump doesn't share his views and his policies aren't targeted at any religion in particular but radicals who use a particular religion to carry out evil acts.
"I think the President's been very clear that his No. 1 goal is not to target any one religion, but places and areas where we believe that there is an issue," White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said during a White House briefing.
 "That's what the executive order was all about the other day, making sure that areas that we don't feel have the proper mechanisms in place to assure the security, that when they travel the United States that we know that they're coming here for peaceful purposes."
 "The President's No. 1 goal has always been to focus on the safety of America, not the religion. He understands that it's not a religious problem. It's a radicalization problem, that there's a big difference between Islam, the religion, and radical Islamic terrorists that come here to seek to do us harm."
Asked if Donald Trump wanted to separate himself from Bannon's past comments, Spicer replied in the affirmative.
"I think I just made it clear that there's a difference between the President's view, yeah," said Spice
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